About Us

Marine Hydrocarbon Pvt Ltd, company registered in India envisage to be a leading player in the India’s hydrocarbon spectrum. The lineage of the company is drawn by the rich & diverse experience of the Management in Oil & Gas domain. The Key Management people have more than three decades of experience in Oil & Gas activity in India and have been the pioneers in turnaround of Offshore Drilling services in India. The Company is all set to ride the bandwagon of E&P activity in India, equipped with its Vision & Mission, Business and Strategic Plan.

Advantage India

Growing demand, Long Term Market owing to high population,
high energy demand

India is World’s third-largest energy consumer; over 1.25 Billion people, Rapid Urbanization, Industrialization.

India imports >80% of total oil demand - Mandate by government to increase production and reduce import of oil by at least 10% by 2022. Aggressive push by Govt to increase production.

Demand for primary energy in India to reach 1,516 million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent, by 2035

26 Sedimentary Basins have an area of approx. 3.14 million Sq. Kms.

New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP)-IX round blocks are under exploration phase.

Discovered Small Field (DSF) round 1 is recently concluded and 31 Blocks awarded for development, DSF round 2 is launched in Q4 of 2017 for more blocks on award, Open Licensing Acreage Policy (OLAP) is expected to allow exploration on new fields without bidding round

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Marine Hydrocarbon will look for opportunities in addressing E&P opportunities in India by forging alliance with creditable E&P players worldwide. Our mission is to create value through safe, efficient operations and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To be a provider of E&P solutions in India along with provider of Offshore Oilfield Services in the Oil & Gas sector with dominant presence in India, South East Asia and Middle East.

Health Safety & Environment

At Marine Hydrocarbon, QHSE comes to forefront of everything. The Management and employees are committed to conduct our business in a socially responsible & ethical manner and in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. The long-term business success of Marine Hydrocarbon depends on our ability to conduct business in a manner that protects the safety of all employees and others associated with our operations. We realize that preventing incidents involves relentless risk management from management decisions that affect the enterprise all the way to individual daily personal safety. Every employee must participate in proactively managing the QHSE aspects of our operations and strive to continually improve our performance.